Turn your existing home into the home of your dreams. From the simplest improvements to complex reconstruction, Steve Miller Construction can help you make your home more comfortable and functional.

New Construction

Steve Miller Construction LLC can help you take that dream home in your mind from concept to reality. From finding the perfect floor plan to selecting the perfect finish choices, SMC makes the entire process of constructing your new home an enjoyable experience.

Healthy Homes

In addition to standard new home builds and remodel projects, we also specialize in building healthy homes that support better health for your family over time.

Using guidelines from the American Lung Association and other research, our work on healthy homes is truly a holistic approach focused on:

  1. Improving the indoor environment by controlling pollutants/contaminants, harmful chemicals, and of course significant concerns such as carbon monoxide.
  2. Controlling indoor humidity to minimize the growth of dust mites and mold (high humidity) and the spread of viruses and bacteria (low humidity).
  3. Improving energy and resource efficiency, making it easier and cheaper to maintain the indoor conditions you want.

We apply best practices at every point of home building to promote a healthy house, beginning with the design and progressing through foundation, framing, HVAC systems, air sealing and insulation, windows/lighting, finishes and furnishings, and overall household pollution prevention.

Looking for more information on building your new healthy home? Contact us today.